I Love Comments and a New Pattern!

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of you awesome readers who take the time to comment! Based on the last 5000 comments the top commenters are….
  1. Larissa (25)
  2. CraftyMama (25)
  3. Jen (25)
  4. Michelle (24)
  5. Rachael (22)
  6. Emily (21)
  7. jeanine (19)
  8. Amy (18)
  9. Kelly (17)
  10. SoCal*CowGurl (16)
Thanks for all of the support! I ready every comment and respond whenever I get the chance. 

And…I’m happy to introduce you to:
Open Toe Slingbacks 
Open Toe Slingbacks PDF Pattern & Tutorial in 4 Sizes
Perfect for your little lady!
***and on another note…Thursdays are look a bit empty lately. Want to blog swap? Just email me: naptimecrafters{at}gmail{dot}com
Next week is taken, but there’s plenty more dates to go around:)

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