Just a Peek: Inside Days

It’s getting cold in Utah- really really cold. boo:(
We’ve been reading lots and lots of books. Sometimes she’ll even read to herself for a solid 1/2 hour (heaven!)
What do you do to keep busy?
I’m hoping to avoid an Elmo’s World overdose this winter

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    Any time Michael’s has their 25% off everything coupon, I raid the kids’ craft area and get a bunch of stuff to stock up on. We paint woodsies, play with foam, color…pretty much anything I think they will like.

  2. 6


    Wow! 1/2 hour! My son will ‘read’ for a good 1/2 minute. lol. Maybe once he is literate, he will read for much longer!

    For now, I give him some paint, a wooden object with lots of corners, and a small paintbrush. lol.

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