Ice Garland Tutorial

Experiencing some freezing weather? Make the best of it with a cheery ice garland!
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A pop of color can really brighten up a cold, winter day
To make ours extra fun we did heart shapes. Anne really enjoyed this and it was super quick and easy!
Let’s get started!
Fill a couple ice cube trays about 3/4 full
Add drops of food coloring. Or interestingly enough you can also use sprinkles. Who knew!
Loop a piece of string through the ice cube tray making sure to leave a few inches between each cube and enough room on the ends to hang it up. We ended up losing a few cubes where the string wasn’t quite far enough in
Set them outside or in your freezer until solid. Pop them out (you can run a bit of hot water over them for a second if they’re stuck) and hang them up!
Enjoy your winter wonderland :)
Unfortunately I think we will be enjoying ours for a very long time. No sign of above freezing temperatures here in Utah for at least another week.


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