Christmas Tree Skirt Free Pattern & Tutorial

Do you have your tree set up yet? We don’t have ours quite yet but we’re planning to go chop one down soon! Today I have a free pattern and tutorial for a tree skirt to share with you!
In case you missed it make sure you go check out my post for a free Christmas Stocking Pattern! And the good news is if you cut carefully you’ll have enough scraps leftover from this project to make a few stockings :)
This is our little family’s first Christmas in our own home and I’m so excited to decorate and create some lasting memories around the Christmas tree all month long!
With so many darling prints to choose from I ended up doing a 16 panel skirt so I could show them all off :)
It has a simple bow closure in back to hold everything in place
Ready to get started?
All of my materials for this project were generously provided by The Ribbon Retreat
  • 3/4 yard cuts of fabric in 8 prints. If your prints are non-directional you could do 4 prints instead. The tree skirt has 16 panels so with 8 prints each print appears twice. If you do 4 you will need to cut 4 in each print instead of 2.  I used the Aspen Frost line
  • 3 yards of muslin for the backing
  • 3 yards of fusible fleece interfacing: this makes a huge difference in the finished product. You won’t want to skip it :) If you cut super carefully and use all your scraps you can get away with 2 yards
  • Ribbon for the ties. I used velvet
  • Pattern: Free download available here
1. Download your pattern and cut out your main skirt panels. You need 16 total. I did 2 of each print. The finished tree skirt is 60″ across. For a smaller skirt trim your pattern piece along the bottom edge.
2. Decide on a layout and then with right sides together (RST) sew the first 2 panels together along the long edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance
step 1
3. Continue adding your adding panels with RST until you have gone all the way around leaving an opening in back between the last 2.
step 2
4. Baste the tails of your ribbon to each edge of the tree skirt opening. I did 3 ties and my ribbon segments were 12″ long.
step 4
5. Press flat and then add your fusible fleece to the wrong side of the fabric. I found it easiest to lay my tree skirt upside down on the floor and cut the fusible fleece to size. Then a did a quick once over with the iron (while still on the floor) and flipped it over so it was right side up. Working from the right side I pressed it thoroughly to get the fleece fused on. I did this on the floor as well making sure to be extra careful with my iron :)
6. Lay your muslin over the tree skirt and cut to size. I did one panel across the front half leaving room for a seam allowance along the straight edge and then 2 panels across the back half also leaving room for my seam allowance along the straight edge. The dashed lines in the diagram show where I pieced things together. If in doubt just leave a little extra around the edges and you can trim later. Sew your panels together with RST and then trim away any excess backing.
step 3
7. With RST sew the backing to the main layer around  all edges leaving a 6″ gap between 2 ribbon segments for turning. Clip the seam allowance along the inside seam allowance so it will lay well when turned.
step 5
8. Turn right side out and press flat. Topstitch around all edges
step 6
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    I’ve been searching for a good tutorial, and I love that your’s is so straight forward and easy to understand, while still being descriptive enough to get a good idea of what the finished product will be! Thank you thank you for taking the time to share this!

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