Half-Handmade Appliqued Tea Towels


Are you looking for some quick gift ideas, but your creative self won’t let you just buy them? Here’s a “half-handmade” idea for you! Buy the basic towels and then get creative! This is a quick project that a beginner could knock out in about an hour. I’ve even provided a free downloadable template (*affiliate link) for you […]

Quick Pieced Fabric Table Runner Tutorial


It’s November! I LOVE November! Fall is in full swing, the aroma of apple cider fills my house (hey, who cares if it’s a wax warmer?) and the holidays are just around the corner. Somewhere along the way, holiday gatherings migrated to my house. And while it’s small and we don’t have enough seats, I […]

Dollar Bin Decor – Ruffle Pillow


I don’t know about you, but I can’t seem to enter a Target without checking out their dollar bin section.  I have re-purposed so many items from that section that I thought it was time to share a couple with you guys.  Introducing Dollar Bin Decor – the Ruffle Pillow!   Dollar bin?  What? For […]

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